About Lindsay

Montreal-birthday-dinnerI’m from Rhode Island and have had the opportunity to live in Europe on several occasions through both work and study. Not uncommon, this experience introduced me to the “wine-drinking culture” that Europe is known for.

In 2009, I moved to Bordeaux to obtain an MBA in Wine Marketing & Management. I completed my stage (internship) during the first half of 2010 with a leading wine merchant—the highlight of which was a trip to the ’09 En Primeur Tasting. That fall, I headed to Germany to work the harvest season for a family-owned winery in Nierstein.

I enjoy learning about wine, as well as educating others on the subject. To-date, I hold both the Intermediate and Advanced WSET certificates, as well as the CSW (Certified Specialist of Wine) certification from the Society of Wine Educators.

I leave you now with a few of my own personal wine fun facts:

  • The wine that got me into wine: Halbtrocken Dornfelder (off-dry red German wine). I was 20, living in Germany and my friends were kind enough to introduce me to this gem 😉 My palate’s evolved a bit since then, but today when I hear consumers requesting a “sweet red” wine, I can certainly understand where they’re coming from.
  • The bottle that “did it for me”: The wine that first caught my attention was Cline Cellar’s ’05 Cashmere. In 2006, I was visiting Sonoma with a friend. We stopped at Cline Cellars where I noticed the tasting notes for its Cashmere wine claimed to “taste like chocolate”. Being an avid chocolate fan, I had a hard time believing that wine could actually taste like chocolate… but it did—I was stunned.
  • When I decided to get serious: It was early 2008. I was back in Germany, waiting at the bar for some friends to show up. The place was doing a Rioja wine special and I was taken by the word “Rioja” written on the chalkboard. I decided to order it. The bartender asked, “would you like white or red?” Wow, I thought, it comes in both colors. “I’ll have one of each,” I replied. Sure enough, I liked both wines and wound up googling “Rioja”—and that marked the beginning of my wine education.
  • Best wine experience: Winning a bottle of 2000 Ch. Figeac (see here)

10 thoughts on “About Lindsay

  1. Linds,
    This is fantastic! I am so glad you had that bottle of Cashmere that tasted like chocolate. Its great to drink wine with you!

  2. Hello Lindsay,
    I found a comment from you accidentially on “Schiller Wein”… and landed here.

    You stroy sounds great and interessting. I am looking forward to meet you in Fall.

    Susanne Schneider ( from Winery Schneider) 😉

  3. Hey hey!!!
    Miss you! Nothing worse than part time customers. (just kidding) Your site looks great. I can remember drinking Chateau Figeac, 1975, back in the early eighties and predicting that it would become a highly sought after chateau, my colleagues laughed, (thinking yeah, no sh-t!) but I was serious. The wine retailed for a whopping $12.75 (U.S.$)quite a setback in those days, but relatively speaking it was peanuts! Hope to see you soon.
    Town Wine & Spirits, RI

    1. Hey Rick! Wow, just $12.75 for a bottle of Figeac?? I think the ’00 was selling close to $200 (though the ’09 is completely off the radar screen!). Well, good pick—Figeac is my fav. Bordeaux wine! Will try to stop by soon… miss your Sat. tastings!! 😉

    1. Thanks, Ernest! Selling wine “door-to-door” truly isn’t always as glamorous as it may sound (especially on bad weather days!), but I do enjoy what I do.

  4. Linds!

    Hey, this is Christian (Schartner Farms…).
    How are you?
    MBA in Wine ? Wow.
    Last thing I heard from you was that you were going into politics…

    Best regards,
    Christian B.

    1. Christian, wow, hello! Yes, I’ve more or less immersed myself in the world of wine these days. I am currently working for a distributor in Rhode Island, where I sell wine (and a few other adult beverages) to stores and restaurants.

      How are you? Where are you? Feel free to email me directly: lindsayduvin (at) gmail (dot) com

      Take care,

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