“USB Wine”—que produit révolutionnaire!

Imagine a plug-in USB device which grants you immediate access to any wine sold online. Have your glasses (or bottle) ready because the moment you place your order, the wine is ready to pour—directly from your computer!

(in French with English subtitles)

No, this isn’t a real product (as much as I could dream about it!). However, there is a promotional website for USB Wine: www.usbwine.com. Again, sorry, the product isn’t real, but if you decide to “aceder au wine store” (access the wine shop) or “CLIQUEZ ICI—Testez gratuitement USB Wine” (CLICK HERE—Test USB Wine for free) you’ll notice that it does lead you to another site: www.1jour1vin.com/fr/ 

…and this company, 1JOUR1VIN.com (1 Day, 1 Wine), is indeed real. 1JOUR1VIN.com is an online wine retailer based in Évreux, France (100km west of Paris). In my opinion, a very clever tactic using an imaginary—ahem, “revolutionary”—product to promote a business!

2 thoughts on ““USB Wine”—que produit révolutionnaire!

    1. Thanks for the nice comment, and not a problem at all to post where you did! Oddly enough, I just received your comment today—somehow it wound up in my spam folder, and well… I’m still getting used to the intricacies of WordPress 😉

      Nice to read you enjoy my postings.

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